How To Recognize Early Signs Of Dyslexia In Teenagers

How To Recognize Early Signs Of Dyslexia In Teenagers

Most children with dyslexia are identified in their early elementary school years as their difficulties with reading can be easily discerned by teachers and parents.

However, for teenagers, their reading deficit may go unnoticed for many years and may present very differently than others with dyslexia.

These children are often able to ask their reading deficit by using other cognitive strengths. For example, some children have very strong visual memory ability and can learn sight words with ease, but never really understand how to decode words. This can help them get by in early elementary school, but as they age, the difficulty reading will become more pronounced.

How to recognize dyslexia in teens?

Specifically, teenagers with dyslexia may show some of these symptoms:

  • Significant difficulty reading unfamiliar material
  • Needing more time to read then complete other comparatively difficult academic tasks
  • Difficulty understanding the subtle hints in literary passages
  • Not getting the overall picture or purpose of an essay
  • Constantly rereading sentences and paragraphs because they do not understand on the first time through
  • Problems learning a foreign language
  • Discrepancy between their ability to solve numerical math problems and word problems
  • Need for test or homework questions to be explained
  • Difficulty answering inference questions from a text using specific evidence from what they are reading.
  • Problems on reading portions of standardized tests (e.g., PSAT, ACT)

Even though a child has been able to get through the early years of school and sometimes even excel, their underlying problems with reading will eventually catch up and limit their ability to succeed in future academic areas.

For these children, it is essential to have a comprehensive evaluation of their skills and weaknesses so that they can remediate what is hard for them and succeed.

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Identify Dyslexia In Teenagers With Dr. Malkin

Identifying dyslexia in teenagers isn’t always easy, but it can make a world of difference in their success in academics and beyond. A dyslexia evaluation with Dr. Malkin can help. He can identify if your teenager has a learning disability and determines the cause or causes of the issue with a comprehensive assessment. He also helps determine the most effective learning techniques to help your student succeed through high school and beyond.

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