Evaluation Payment Options

Discover the best payment solution for your evaluation needs. Explore private pay, insurance reimbursements, and school funding options in our comprehensive guide to make informed choices for your assessments.

Private Pay

Our private pay option for evaluations provides a comprehensive assessment tailored to your needs. Starting at $1400 and ranging up to $7500 for a thorough evaluation, we offer a wide spectrum of assessment packages. Each evaluation package varies in interview duration, testing, focus areas, feedback sessions, and more. Explore our Evaluations Packages for a detailed breakdown of assessment types and their specifics.

Out of network insurance reimbursement

For out-of-network insurance reimbursement, while we don't operate as an in-network provider, there's still a possibility for you to receive coverage through your out-of-network insurance. To initiate this process, you'll need to pay for the evaluation upfront. Following this, we'll furnish you with a detailed invoice and necessary documentation to submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. While coverage depends on your insurance policy, our team can guide you through this process, offering support to help navigate the complexities and maximize your chances of receiving reimbursement. Contact us to start the process for potential out-of-network insurance reimbursement for your evaluation needs.

DOE or school reimbursement

Securing funding through the Department of Education (DOE) or a school typically involves a process where the educational institution would cover or reimburse evaluation costs for eligible students. To initiate this funding, it's essential to first establish eligibility criteria and requirements set by the DOE or respective school district. This often involves coordination with educational professionals, including counselors or special education coordinators, who will guide you through the necessary steps. They may require specific documentation, such as Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or assessment recommendations. Our team can collaborate with you and educational professionals to streamline this process, ensuring the necessary documentation and evaluations meet the criteria for funding. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in obtaining DOE or school reimbursement for evaluations.

Evaluation Details

  • Domains assessed include sensory and motor abilities, attention and concentration, memory, language, visual-spatial ability, and “higher cognitive functioning”, such as reasoning, problem solving skills, intellectual functioning, and social and psychological functioning
  • Appointments are with our neuropsychologists, who specialize in understanding the relationship of the brain to specific abilities and the objective evaluation of these abilities
  • Testing is presented orally, visually, in writing, or in other formats where the client is asked to perform tasks that involve answering questions, drawing, or building objects.
  • The evaluation length varies depending on the referral questions and evaluation type. They can be as short as 2 hours, and can also last over several days.

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Robert Mann
Robert Mann
Dr Malkin is a caring and understanding doctor. My daughter was given testing by zoom and the Doctor’s understanding and skill is number #1.
Google User
Google User
Thank you Dr Malkin for being compassionate and thorough with the evaluations, as well as providing detailed feedback and recommendations for treatment, while consistently being available for answering any questions and advocating for your patients!
Jody Erdfarb
Jody Erdfarb
Dr. Malkin was supportive and knowledgeable - exactly what we needed. Highly recommend!
Atarah Charles
Atarah Charles
Dr. Malkin worked with my son twice and was wonderful both times. while working with my son he was very patient, and welcoming. Dr. Malkin also answered all questions me and my husband had. I highly recommend Dr.Malkin.
Dr. Malkin went above and beyond to make himself available for our family and it is because of him that we were able to diagnose our son with autism. We were able to get him the treatment he needed at a crucial time in his development. Our son is thriving and doing incredibly well, because of his early diagnosis. We will never forget Dr. Malkin's kindness, promptness and professionalism. We are eternally grateful and wish there were more like him.
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