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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you can’t find the answer below, feel free to reach out to us via phone or online contact form.

How do you know if your child should be screened for a talented and gifted program?

As every parent knows their child best, it can be difficult to answer this question in an objective manner. However, many children who are talented and gifted are overlooked because they don’t show their skills overtly. This can either be because they do not try hard in their school program or because their skills are not ones that will show up in a traditional academic setting.

One of the main reasons why children are screened for talented and gifted programs is when they become frustrated with their academic environment due to the lack of engagement or challenge. These children can be unmotivated or oppositional due to the fact that they are constantly asked to do things which are boringly simple for them. However, even when children are compliant and comfortable with school, it can be helpful for them to be screened for talented and gifted programs when they seem to excel without trying.

Is a neuropsychological evaluation required to get accepted into a talented and gifted program?

This very much depends on the specific program for talented and gifted students. Many programs have their own evaluation procedure and will not accept outside evaluations, but others will often require documentation of the child’s exceptional skills.

What are the benefits of a neuropsych talented and gifted evaluation vs an evaluation performed by the school?

Most schools will not provide any evaluation unless there is an academic weakness or problem. As such, it can be difficult for a child who is talented and gifted to get a proper evaluation in their school.

Also, evaluations done at a school level are generally brief and do not cover all the areas that are assessed during a neuropsych evaluation. This can be critical for children whose talents and gifts are outside of the general areas that are covered by the school evaluations.

What documentation do you provide as part of a talented and gifted recommendation?

The neuropsych report is often the most essential documentation for children who want to qualify for talented and gifted programs. The report goes through a detailed analysis of the child’s abilities and compares them to other children their age, which provides the basis for their talented designation.

Can you help with the application process and/or provide testimony to help a child get into a talented and gifted program?

In addition to the neuropsych report, there are often forms or letters that need to be written to help a child get into a talented and gifted program. This is included in the evaluation process. Sometimes our neuropsychologists will need to speak with the administration of the program, and this can be arranged as well.

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