The Connection Between ADHD And Anger

The Connection Between ADHD And Anger

It has been my clinical experience and reported in the research for the last several decades that children and adults with ADHD show significant emotional difficulties as well. A high percentage of ADHD individuals have comorbid emotional disorders and show increased emotional reactivity, anger, sadness, anxiety, and silliness.

How are ADHD and anger linked?

One of the most significant emotional difficulties is in anger regulation, as this can have the most profound effects on social relationships and educational and vocational advancement.

ADHD children have problems with aggression and emotional control, which affect their peer relationships as they are often disruptive or annoying. These children are often teased or provoked, and when they respond with extreme anger and aggression, they damage their acceptance by their peers.

This tendency towards anger also affects adults with ADHD as they have more explosive outbursts and can become chronically angry or easily provoked. At home, this leads to more spousal conflict and relationship stress, and at work, this can lead to suspension or termination.

Although some adults with ADHD attempt to maintain emotional control as they understand the consequences of their emotional volatility, others cannot self-reflect and are oblivious to the connection between their anger and their damaged relationships.

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